Logistics Operations
Microlise works with leading supply chain, home delivery & services logistics operations.
Original Equipment Manufacturers
Vehicle manufacturers use Microlise to provide value to their customers and own operations.
Lease Hire and Rental
Lease Hire and Rental companies use Microlise telematics to help ensure the reliability of their vehicles.
Lease Hire & Rental
Heavy Machinery Lease Hire companies use Microlise to prolong the life of their machines.
Own Fleet & Third Party Operations
Microlise help premier transport and logistics operations reduce costs, maximise efficiency and enhance customer service.
Original Equipment Manufacturers
Vehicle manufacturers use Microlise to provide value to their customers and own operations.

The people who know choose Microlise

The world's largest vehicle and heavy machinery manufacturers, rental fleet & logistics fleet operators use Microlise vehicle tracking, telematics & proof of delivery solutions.


What is your total annual fuel spend? What about last year's insurance premium? How many documents do you print per delivery? Microlise can help you to realise substantial savings in all of these areas and more...


More than just a dot on a map. Microlise offer one of the most comprehensive transport management packages in the industry covering vehicle tracking, telematics, journey management, proof of delivery and much more...


Whether you have a telematics system in place or are new to the technology, we work in partnership with you to ensure a trouble free implementation, delivering a solution that meets your needs, provides ongoing support and consultancy to maximise your returns...

Managing fleets across 120 countries in 28 languages...

Established in 1982, Microlise have over 30 years of experience. We’ve learned to work closely with our customers to help them to achieve the best results from the system long after installation. Carlsberg are a global company producing over 35 billion bottles of beer each year with sales in over 140 countries. In the UK they employ 1800 people and their fleet travels approximately 15 million kilometres every year.

Microlise began working with Carlsberg nearly 3 years ago and have helped improve fleet fuel consumption by 4.8% in year 1 and by a further 1% in year 2.

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"Using Microlise, we've managed to save 4.8% fuel in the first year and a further 1% this year."

Phil Thompson, National Fleet Compliance Manager, Carlsberg UK

"I would recommend working with Microlise. They're very open, a very good partner and easy to work with."

Mark Faulkner, Logistics Development Manager, Carlsberg UK